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I have always felt a profound spiritual connection to nature. As a child I remember my curious urge to explore landscapes. I would often gather wildflowers and arrange them into bouquets. This childlike sense of wonderment has survived adulthood. I continue to be a sentimental collector of natures many treasures. Every beach outing is a voyage, a quest for buried treasure and an opportunity to transform nature into my very own creation.

Nature has always been the perennial source of my creative inspiration. My approach to floral design is directly inspired by the beautiful, colourful, complex formations in nature.

My interest in flowers and floral design began blossoming in my twenties and quickly grew into a deep passion. I would often day-dream of having a little shop of my own. I envisioned the glistering sign and homey decor. I pictured the window displays bringing vibrancy to the streetscape and a sense of joy to the pedestrians walking by. I imagined myself performing tiny miracles for the habitually absent-minded husband who forgot his anniversary or the impulsive young man looking for a bouquet to match his proposal, then seeing the expression on a brides face when I present her with her wedding flowers. I received my certification from the Canadian Institute of Floral Design in Toronto, worked while continuing to learn for several years in the floral industry, and finally, after all this time dreaming, I’ve decided to turn my vision into reality.

Paulina’s Flower Shoppe is a Flower and Art space, as well as an extension of my very soul.

I believe that flowers have the undeniable power to extinguish tension, hostility, anxiety and even pain. One cannot walk through a meadow and breath the smells and see the beautiful, vibrant colours and not feel the calm and tranquility of nature. Therefore, it is my hope that Paulina’s Flower Shoppe can be the meadow that inspires and brings tranquility and joy to all those who enter.

 Paulina’s Flower Shoppe

1018 Murphy Rd.
Sarnia, ON
N7S 2Y2



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